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Last updated in June 2015

This Privacy Policy applies only to information collected online from PLM by IT RODI with headquarters at Via Denkoglu 15 Sofia Bulgaria, e-mail ("PLM", "us", "our / Our / our / our "and" us "), through the website -, the microsites or mobile sites of PLM, or applications to download to your mobile device provided by PLM adopting, They contain or refer specifically to this policy (our "Websites"), through our phone support or pages of PLM on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and others ("Pages of social media"). Any reference to a "visitor" or "his / her / his / its" user related.


We provide this synthesis to expose the type of data collected by PLM, to be responsible for processing the data, and the purposes for which they are used.


This policy regulates more specifically the collection, use and publication (or treatment) of personal data, which generally include name, address, telephone number, e-mail, month and date of birth, address IP, data billing, account information and other information relating to the supply of goods and services to the customer.



1. General Site Navigation

We process navigational data that indicate which pages of our websites users visit. This information allows us to identify areas of the website most visited and to improve the quality of the online experience by offering users content and services on demand. In order to obtain general information about using our website, we also develop additional non-personal data (such as the domain type, browser version or the service provider).

2. Personal information

Form "Contact Us"

When the user fills out the generic form"Contact" on one of our websites (e.g. to comment or ask questions on the merchandise), we may process data such as name and e-mail and any information provided in the text of message.

If you use the "Contact Us" located in the "Investor Relations" of our Websites, we may process data such as name, title, company, address, telephone number, fax number and e-mail as well as any other information supplied in the message.

Join our mailing list marketing

Subscription to our mailing list marketing (option "Subscribe") or the mailing list marketing of any of our sister brands is the communication of your e-mail address and your consent to the processing of personal data. Registration for the mailing list allows you to receive information about our products by e-mail. The user can choose how often to receive e-mail marketing, or if you no longer wish to receive them, you can unsubscribe from our list with the "Unsubscribe" option or from the list of our affiliated brands by visiting the contact e-mail and telephone section of "My Account", by clicking on the drop down menu to make your selection and by pressing "SEND".

Sending electronic postcards or signaling of an article to a friend

When you send an electronic postcard or report by e-mail to a friend an article from one of our websites, the recipient will see the name and e-mail address of the sender, as well as any information provided in the message text. The e-mail address will not be collected or used for promotional purposes neitherby us or by our affiliates and the information will not be licensed, sold or exchanged with third parties. Any information contained within the message will not be read or processed by us. E-cards or messages in an article should be sent only if you believe that the friend in question is interested and wish to receive such information.

Messages that are annexed to the gift boxes

By buying a gift box you have the option of adding a message. We do not examine any information contained in the messages attached to the gift box.

Create an account

Users are given the option to create an account on our website. Creating an account allows users to enjoy a more personalized experience on our websites, to create an address book, to save your wish list and to use the "quick checkout" by automatically saving anaddress of billing, data delivery default and payment information. The creation of an account involves the insertion of e-mail, name and surname as well as creating a password, and it allows the user to specify postal address, telephone number, payment information, day and month of its date of birth, sex, shop chosen and favorite categories. After creating an account, you will receive aWelcome e-mail to the e-mail address enteredduring the registration process. By doing so, you consent to the processing of your personal data.

To request deletion of your account send an e-mail to including e-mail address for the account you want to delete.

Creating a column in the Account

Users who create an online account on our websites can create and use a personal address book ("Book") that allows you to save all the names and the addresses to which you often send purchases or gifts. When a user wants to send a purchase to a contact in the address book content, they can pre-select the billing address or shipping address among those contained in the address book, or they can choose from the list included in the checkout process.

Saving data in the Payment Account

If you choose to add a form of payment to the account, this information will be quickly accessible during checkout every time you log on. The figures for the preferred payment method will appearautomatically during checkout or you can choose another payment method by selecting it from the drop-down menu. If the payment cards were to be expired, the message will appear highlighted in red in the "My Account - Payment details" section and you can update this information by clicking the Edit button. During the checkout only the payment methods accepted by our websiteswill be available. During checkout you can add a new payment method by checking the appropriate box to confirm you want to save in your account the payment data you just entered.


Creating the wishlist

When you visit our websites, you can create a wish list ("Wish list") and then send it to friends and family. If you send a wish list, friends and family members who receive this list will be able toyou’re yourfavorite items and they can even make purchases directly from that list. Once you find an article in the online store that want to add to your Wish List, you can click on the button "Add to wishlist". You can then send the wish list by providing an e-mail address. The intended recipient will receive an email with a link to the user's wish list. Wish lists should be sent only if you believe that friends or family members may be interested in receiving such information. The e-mail address provided will not be collected or used for promotional purposes by ourselves or byany of our affiliates, and the information will not be licensed, sold or exchanged with third parties. However, the recipient of a wish list will be able to choose to subscribe to our mailing list and, only in this case, we will process the corresponding e-mail to send them information about our products.

E-mail notification of product

If you provide us with your e-mail address to allow us to contact you when a particular product is available for purchase on our web sites, e-mail addresses provided will not be collected or used for promotional purposes, either by us nor by our affiliates, and the information will not be licensed, sold or exchanged with third parties. However, the user can choose to receive e-mails for commercial purposes through a link in the footer of any e-mail notification about the products.

Purchases in the store online

If you purchase the goods through our websites, we will process for this purpose your personal data (ie name, address, billing and shipping address, email, phone number and card details used for payment), as well as data on purchases made on our website, which can be integrated with those of the in-store purchases. Also, if you have created an account, you can view the details of your order after you log in to your account.

If you choose to use Paypal as a payment option, the information provided at checkout we will be collected directly from Paypal and Paypalwill determine if its usewill be allowedas a method of payment.

Personal information that the customer allows us to collect from their accounts on social media sites


To create an account on our Web sites or take advantage of certain features of our websites may require the customer to choose to allow access to information to be included within these social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or other similar sites ("My accounts on social media"). PLM could pick up some, or all, of the data on personal accounts found on social media only if the customer were to allow access to his personal accounts on social media. Depending on the social media site, such information may include: name, e-mail, profile picture, gender, networks, user ID, list of friends, birthday, appreciation, work history and education, current city, town birth, interests, relationship status, location. If granted permission, PLM will continue to connect to the Account staff on social media to which it has access and collect, without further requests for permission, data whichmay include updates of the information or new information entered by the customer. If the customer would no longer want their personal accounts on social media connected to our web sites, you can click on "log out" present in our Websites close to the button for the social media site and we will stop our information collection. You can also prevent us from accessing to personal information in the Account of social media following the instructions provided on the social media site.

This Privacy Policy does not include the practices of social media sites, where the customer has the My accounts on social media, with regard to privacy and security. For any question about practices of social media sites regarding privacy and security, please refer to the privacy policy and terms of service of the sites.


We collect information, including non-personal, when you fill out one of the surveys offered on our web sites or on our e-mail. This information will help us gather the opinions of users in order to improve our web sites and continue to provide the favorite features.



We offer applications to download to your mobile device presenting various interactive features ("App").

The collection and the methods of collecting information through the use of any App, existing or future, are discussed in this privacy policy whenever you refer to web sites in the following sections:

• "Data collected online"

• "Cookies and Advertising"

The use and sharing of information through the use of any App, existing or future, are discussed in this privacy policy whenever you refer to web sites in the following sections:

• "Using the data collected"

• "data shared with third parties"

• "Cookies and Advertising"


In addition:

• The use of certain functions of an app require permissions to access data within the mobile device, such as photos. We will have access to this data only with the consent, if required by the APA. Please note that some features are only available if the App you agree to access to the requested content.

• If, when requested, you give your approval, the app sends push notifications ("Notification") on your mobile device. These notifications can be sent to the user and check whether or not you are using the App in an active way. The notifications can be specific to user interactions with us and be related to the place where the user is located where the latter has consented to the use of location services.

• Please read the "Right Opposition" to learn about the choices available regarding the collection of location information and data on the mobile device, and on receiving the notifications.


Personal information may be collected directly by PLM through our social media pages and may be collected by social media hosting the page of social media to PLM.


Personal data collected directly from PLM: the collection of personal data directly by PLM on our social media pages will include the types of data specified in the "Definition of Personal Data" above. For example, the data may be collected directly on the pages of PLM through social media applications or modules that contain a link to this privacy policy. The data collected on our pages of social media will be used and shared by us in the manner specified below under "Use of collected data" and "information shared with third parties."


Personal data collected from social media sites: This privacy policy does not include the practices adopted regarding the privacy and security of the social media sites on which PLM has pages of social media. For any question about practices of social media sites regarding privacy and security, please refer to the privacy policy and terms of service of the sites.


The social media sites where PLM has pages of social media can provide information and analysis to PLM cumulative use of our pages to social media user. This allows us to analyze and better understand the growth of our members, the general demographic information about the users of our pages to social media and their interaction with the contents thereof. Overall, this information can be used to help us understand the kinds of visitors and users of our social media pages and use the content.


We could treat the information we collect in accordance with this policy in compliance with the privacy laws in force for the following purposes:

1. To understand the needs and preferences of users, providing the site content, customize the browsing experience of our website and promotional materials, to develop, promote, sell and deliver products and services, as well as carry out any surveys, research and evaluation.

2. To analyze customer interactions with our company, include activities on our websites, the effectiveness of our advertising and customer purchases.

3. To answer any questions about our website, or an order, that are sent via the "Click and Chat" and / or "Contact Us" or by any method used to contact, including e-mail, phone or mail.

4. To complete the purchase transactions of our articles or process returns or exchanges goods.

5. To manage and develop our business and our business operations and those of our subsidiaries, administer accounts created by users and / or receive and process payments made in our favor by the customer.

6. To detect and protect us and our affiliates and other third parties against misuse of our websites (such as spam), negligence, fraud, theft and other illegal activities and to ensure compliance with our and their internal policies and to cancel or suspend your access to or use of our Websites to undertake the above activities.

7. To conduct adequate testing anti-fraud, in which context the personal information provided by users may be disclosed to an agency credit check or prevent fraud and stored in the same copy.

8. To confirm the addresses provided by users on our websites and which could be shared with a company address verification and be kept in the archives of the company.


9. To update your address book, your payment information and other information saved in your online account, as well as to update the passwords and other data.

10. In order to meet administrative requirements, tax, investigative or other verification or any other rules or disclosure law.

11. To the extent required by laws, rules and regulations regarding our offer of goods and services to the customer.

12. To the extent permitted by applicable laws, rules and regulations in force and to meet any legal or regulatory requirements.

13. The information provided by the user through the use of the functionality Investor Relations found on our web sites ("Contact", "E-mail notifications" and "Electronic delivery company documentation") will only be used for sending and -mail notification and / or corporate documents, or for related purposes.

14. The information provided by the user through the reporting of an article by e-mail to a friend, or via the functions "Address Book", "Wishlist", "Report by e-mail to a friend" and "Electronic Greeting "of our Websites will not be used for promotional purposes by us or by our affiliates and such information will not be sold or provided to third parties.

15. The information you provide on social media pages of PLM are used to send information regarding our products, services and promotions, in order to respond to requests for information, to conduct surveys, sweepstakes or contests, to analyze the activity on Our pages of social media and to develop our products and our services.

16. The information you provide when you send us your curriculum vitae in the "Work with us" of our Web Sites will only be used to evaluate your application for a job opportunity and will not be used for promotional purposes or by us or by our affiliates and such information will not be sold or provided to third parties.

17. The information provided by the user by sending data to the "Casting" of our Web Sites will only be used to evaluate your application for a job opportunity as a model or committed in one of our stores and will not be used for promotional purposes by us or by our affiliates.


18. The information you provide when creating an account may be shared with third parties to allow the user to send e-mails and messages associated with your account and to any program or promotion.


1. Email Addresses

We will not sell or will grant to third parties the right to process the e-mail users.

Please note that, after the request to delete your data from our mailing list advertising, you can still receive e-mail confirmation for orders placed on our websites.

2. Postal addresses

We will not sell or will grant to third parties the right to develop the postal addresses of users.

3. Service providers

Please note that we may delegate to third parties the task of providing services to us or on our behalf, such as, for example, order management (including, by way exhaustive but not limited to, payment processing, prevention fraud and address verification), electronic submission of information online investors, monitoring and analysis of site activity and the effectiveness of our advertising materials, the range of support services, conducting monitoring activities of the credit supply website content (including the search feature on the site), organization of data, conducting surveys, administration and sending notifications on mobile devices and e-mail, offer interactive features on our App, support with our Pages social media, evaluation of potential models and management of sweepstakes and contests. These third parties may have access to personal information to provide services for PLM and process personal data for PLM without being under the direct control of PLM, but can not process this information for different purposes.

If you choose to use Paypal as a payment method, the information provided at checkout we will be collected directly by PayPal to determine if it will allow its use as a method of payment. The use and sharing of personal information collected Paypalis indicated in the privacy policy of Paypal.

4. Disclosure for legal reasons

Please note also that, if we are forced, or we believe in good faith to be required by law, or we deem reasonably necessary to protect the users of our websites, we may disclose certain information about users. In the event that we or our parent company we become acquired by a new owner or if, following a reorganization of our corporate group, might become part of one of our subsidiaries, user information may be transferred to the new owner or another of our affiliates as part of our corporate resources. If such an event occurs, we will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the new owner or the subsidiary of which will become part indent your personal information in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy.


Occasionally we may process your personal information to send commercial e-mails about our products, for which you still need the prior consent. These e-mails may contain features to ensure that users receive and are able to open the message.

The user can choose not to receive e-mail for marketing purposes at any time, for free, by following the instructions in any marketing communication.


The information provided by users is sent to us in Bulgaria. Your personal information and any other information collected will be stored and processed in Bulgaria, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Even our third party service providers, regardless of who they are in the course of time, that deal to deliver orders, process payments, monitor the site, prevent fraud and verify addresses, provide support and / or send e-mail, can store and process personal data in Bulgaria, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. We and service providers of the above mentioned third party could be required to disclose personal information stored in Bulgaria, the Netherlands or the United Kingdom, if required by any law, rule or regulation.


1. What are cookies and how are they used?

"Cookies" are a feature of the browser that we use to assign a unique identifier to your computer. Generally, cookies are stored on the hard drive of your computer or mobile device. The information collected from cookies is used to evaluate the effectiveness of our websites, to analyze trends and to administer our websites. The information collected from cookies allow us to determine, for example, what are the most visited sections of our Web sites, and if there are difficulties in accessing web sites by users. These data allow us to improve the quality of the user experience on our website by identifying and providing user functionality and the information you want, as well as solving problems of access. In addition cookies are used to track items in your basket and to find out if your computer has been used before to visit our websites. Visitors who have created an account and are logged in will keep the contents of your cart from one visit to another. Our websites use cookies to track information about the checkout which is not the mode of payment, meanwhile that the user remains connected to our sites. We also use cookies and / or technologies known as web bugs or clear gifs, usually stored within the e-mail address, which allow us to obtain a confirmation of receipt of our emails and responses sent by the user and to provide a more personalized experience of our Websites. Through the cookie we will not collect any information permitting the personal identification. For more information about the types of cookie used and the cookie settings, see Cookie Information of our Websites.

2. Analysis of Website

To better understand the use of our websites, we use external service providers. Our service providers place cookies on the hard drive of your computer to receive information, chosen by us, which will allow us to obtain information, for example, on how visitors navigate on our web site, in which products are displayed and information on purchases. The information collected may also relate to the search engine you use and the advertisement on the search engine or the website on which the user has clicked to be redirected to our website. Our service providers analyze this information and provide summary reports. The information and analysis provided by our service providers will be used to help us better understand the interests of visitors to our web sites and how to best meet those interests. The information collected by our service providers can be connected and combined with information collected by us on users when they visit our website. Our service providers are bound by contract to use the information obtained from our websites exclusively to provide support.

3. How do we use cookies on our Web sites by third parties to generate publicity?

We contract with third-party ad companies, which, under our control, present advertisements within our Web sites. These third parties also collect non-personal information about users through cookies in the search engine and / or by using pixel tags while surfing on our site. These advertising companies may use and share information gathered concerning the users' visits to our Websites to place our advertisements on other websites that are part of their online advertising network and / or search engines. We receive cumulative information from these third parties to assess their effectiveness advertising. To stop receiving advertisements based on cookies from a company advertising of third parties with whom we work, click on the link contained in the ad and follow the instructions for the waiver. For advertising based on the cookie we could use more of a company to a third party, so you may have to give up through each link of advertising separately. Continue to use our website without changing these settings implies consent to the use of cookies on our part.

For more information about the operation of advertising based on cookies and on renunciation, go to: (this site will be abandoned in place of a centralized management site where specify your choice. However, Please note that the use of this website does not exclude all advertising on the internet and off only the advertising that are customized to the user's likely interests in relation to its previous browsing activity).


By submitting your personal data, you authorize us to collect, use and disclose such personal information in accordance with the aims and purposes set out in this privacy policy.


1. Collection of location information related to the mobile device through our mobile sites and our App

The user's mobile device will allow you to disable location services on the device thus preventing our mobile sites and our App to access information about the location of the mobile device. For specific questions on how to disable location services on the device, we recommend checking the instructions specific to your mobile device. Please note that some features on our mobile sites and our App may not be available if you disable location services.

2. Notifications and data access on mobile

If you have given consent and no longer want to receive notifications, or no longer want to allow our access to specific information on the device (for example: photo, etc ...), you must change the settings on your mobile device. Please note that the process of changing the settings on your mobile device can vary; to know how to change these settings, refer to the instructions specific to your mobile device.

3. E-mail addresses

If you do not wish to receive e-mail from us, please click here to unsubscribe. If you do not want to receive e-mail for commercial purposes by any of our sister brand, go to the page containing the contact e-mail and telephone in the "My Account", click on the drop-down menu, select "No e-mail / deleted "for the brand from which you do not want to receive e-mail for commercial and press" ENTER ".

Please note that if a user asks to be removed from our mailing list advertising, will continue to receive e-mail confirmation of orders placed on our websites.

4. Postal Addresses

If you do not wish to receive marketing material by mail, send an email to and request deletion from our mailing list post, including your address.

5. Cookies

If you want to interrupt our ability to analyze your anonymous browsing and purchase behavior through this service, simply disable the option Enable cookies from your web browser .. However, choosing this option, you may no longer use some features and certain services offered on our websites, including the ability to make purchases on our online store.


We want to ensure that the personal information of users who have created an online account on our Web sites is accurate and up to date. To this end, we provide users the ability to upgrade or change their personal information, including billing address and shipping information favorite. By logging into your account with the email address and password, you will see a summary page where you can update your information. In addition, if you believe that the personal data in our possession to be updated, you can also contact us in writing.

Upon receipt of a written request, we notify the user of the personal data in our possession and we will inform you on the use and disclosure of the same general. We will also provide a copy of the personal data we hold.

Please submit your request in writing to the postal address indicated in the "Privacy Questions" below. Please specify your name, postal address and e-mail, so that we can see if we are in possession of the personal data concerned.


No members under the age of 18 should provide personal data on our websites.


To ensure a comfortable and pleasant navigation, our Websites may contain links to other websites operated by third parties ("Third Party Sites"). We do not carry out any monitoring nor are we responsible for the privacy practices or content of such third-party sites. We invite you to review the privacy policies of each third-party site to see if their policies and privacy practices are in line with its expectations.


In order to offer our customers kinds of content and services that are always new and different, we may change this privacy policy to reflect changes made to our procedures for collection, use and disclosure of data. Any changes to our privacy policy will be announced by the publication of an advertisement on our websites. If introduced concrete changes to our information gathering, use and dissemination of the data, they will be applied only to data collected from that moment onwards.


The access to databases containing personal data is permitted only to a limited number of employees, and our employees are aware of the importance of confidentiality.

Our websites are designed to accept orders from the Web browser that allow data transmission via Secure Socket Layer (SSL). They Support Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0+ and Apple Safari 5.1+. In the event that our Web sites are displayed on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, we recommend you download the latest versions to make their experience better, otherwise you may not use or access to all pages of our website properly .

Although our web sites have taken the security measures mentioned above, the user must be aware that it is not always possible to have a 100% safety.


If you have questions, comments or concerns regarding our privacy practices or our compliance with applicable laws, please send an email to or write to the address below:

Attn responsible for the privacy policy


15A Ivan DenkogluStr.
Sofia 1000 Bulgaria



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