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About Us

The desire to take back the PLM Please Love Me brand (born in December 2013 and launched in half Europe and the Far East between 2014 and 2015) was a choice dictated by the desire to get involved and create products that leave the sign in those who buy them. First choice that involved the relaunch of the brand, with a new logo design, identification sign, and new product designs. Those who work in the creation of the latter, from an early age showed their passion for fashion and the desire to be realized in this field, always in search of new trends, another identifying sign of the brand, which puts the importance of sell a product that fully satisfies the customer.

The work carried out through various steps, has led PLM Please Love Me to be a  registered trademarkhaving the company of very clear connotations: Quality, style, technology and image in the right mix to express what is one's own point of view in fashion .

Innovation, new trends, sense of style, this is the combination of elements defined by our brand.  The every daychellenge is this: thinking and then realize a piece of art, that can be recognized as PLM by its style as well as the logo.  The other challenge is the daily research of new followers on international market through the development of Social Media Marketing. The supply chain is another strong point, the company is organized to meet the orders always on time ensuring a satisfactory service of delivery of the orders.

Behind all this there is a group of guys who daily give their best to create and offer their expertise and high levels of professionalism! So day after day, a group of people is working to establish the brand name and to make it recognizable everywhere. A frame of this picture is a corollary of Italian suppliers who with their experience guarantee reliability and efficiency.

All this is what PLM is about! We care about every single piece, every single cloth we create because we care about the people who buy them !!