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Brand Protection

The only way to appreciate PLM PleaseLoveMe is to genuinely experience it—which you can do by heading to of  websites. The only way to ensure you are purchasing genuine first quality gear is to visit our online store. To purchase genuine PLM  gear online visit our website,

 No other website is authorized to sell PLM

Be forewarned that if counterfeiters are willing to steal from PLM you run the same risk whenever you provide counterfeit websites with your email address, personal information and credit card details.

PLM guarantees all of its products for fit, feel and quality, but only if you buy it from us. We cannot support garments that are purchased outside of our website,

Many times our customers have the same pride and dedication as we have for protecting our brand. If you think you've seen counterfeit PLM products, let us know by sending us an email to and please provide us with as much information as possible.